Robin Glades Roleystone

Abbie Holdings successfully acquired the former Roleystone Primary School site in May of 2015 and has since been working tirelessly to deliver the much-needed  and desired aged person residences to the community.

Abbie Holdings has always been very cognoscente of the fact that the community lost an asset in the old primary school. It is for this reason that we feel very strongly that they should gain an asset in the form of aged care that is so lacking in the region.

The core values  and principles which will underpin this development are:

  • To deliver not just retirement housing, but a retirement community.
  • The provision of homes (not houses) that feel as if you are downsizing but not downgrading your quality of life.
  • Provision of a safe, community environment for all residents.
  • Environmentally friendly green features not just within each residence, but the overall approach taken for the entire site.
  • Provide a real opportunity to free up retirement wealth and in turn revitalise the entire Roleystone community with an influx of new families.

We understand that a large number of long-time Roleystone residents are finding it increasingly difficult to service half-acre (or sometimes larger) blocks. However, the lack of low maintenance alternatives means that unfortunately these same residents are faced with moving away from their much-loved community.

Robin Glades will not only address this shortage, but also provide opportunities for young families to join the community and enjoy a lifestyle that can only be experienced in the Perth Hills.

For further information and to follow this project more closely please visit the Robin Glades Website.

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